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We offer over night boarding. Contact for pricing and details.


Pasture Board ~ $225.00/month
Paddock Board ~ $250+/month
Large 2.5 acre Pen ~ 2 - 4 Horses ~ Contact for pricing and details

  • Discount for multiple horses ($25.00 off each horse monthly board)
  • Military Discount 10% 
  • Horses can be put on CWRS vaccine and farrier schedule
  • Mineral blocks are provided
  • Your own Vet, Farrier and insured trainers are welcomed


  • Horses have access to a 26’x48’ loafing shed and 150 acres of pasture
  • Automatic heated waterer
  • Hay is provided during winter months or times the pasture is not producing sufficient amount of grass (included in Board) 
  • Horses are checked on daily
  • Shared tackroom 
  • Supplements and grain can also be fed additional cost
  • We can also blanket during winter or cold months additional cost


  • Horses are in a 80'x80' +/- paddock
  • 12'x12' loafing shed for shelter
  • Private 12'x12' tack/feed room
  • Paddocks cleaned daily
  • Water tubs checked/filled/cleaned regularly
  • Horses fed/grained twice a day
  • Hay/grain additional cost
  • We can blanket during winter or cold months additional cost

All horses must be up-to-date on vaccinations and
have a copy of a recent negative coggins test prior to their arrival at the stable.


  • Boarding
    •     Pasture Boarding ~ $225.00 Monthly
    •     Private Pen Boarding (feed additional) ~ $250.00 Monthly
    •     Multiple Horse Discount ~ $25.00 Monthly per horse
    •     Military Discount ~ 10% Monthly (on boarding only)
  • Grain (Pasture)      
    •     Grain ~ $55.00 - up Monthly (cost depends on amount per feeding)
    •     Personal Grain (owner provides grain) ~ $30.00 Monthly
  • Supplement (Pasture) 
    •     1st Supplement (owner provides supplement) ~ 10.00 Monthly
    •     Each additional supplement ~ $5.00 Monthly
  • Blanketing
    •     Daily Blanketing (as needed) ~ $15.00 Daily
    •     As needed during the entire winter ~ $100.00 Entire Winter
    •     Blanket repair/cleaning ~ $30.00 - up Each
  • Farrier (optional, may use pasture choice or personal)
    •     Pasture Farrier ~ $50.00 - up As Needed
  • Vaccine (optional, may use pasture choice or personal)   
    •     Pasture Veterinarian ~ $50.00 up As Needed
  • Worming (optional, may use pasture scedule or personal)
    •     Pasture wormer per request ~ $20.00
    •     Pasture wormer yearly schedule ~ $100.00 Yearly (given every other month)
  • Extras
    •     Unruly Horse Charge ~ $10.00 - up Per Incident
  • Trailer Storage
    •     One trailer included in pasture board
    •     Additional trailer ~ $50.00 Monthly    

Horse Training

Chinook Winds Riding Stable offers a few training/exercise options. We understand that life happens and owners might not be able to get to their equine friends as often as they would like. We are able to exercise horses per owner’s request.

  • Grooming and exercise programs are available for an additional charge upon request
  • Training/Exercise
    • per ride $35 - up
    • per month $200 - up
For more information about training please send an email to

“The daughter who won't lift a finger in the house is the same child who cycles madly off in the pouring rain to spend all morning mucking out a stable.”
~Samantha Armstrong

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