Events Cancelled until further notice


New Obstacles

Paul has been working on obstacles for the stables. 


Framed water mat

pool noodles to go through

a rotating bar to circle

strings or noodles or tarp to walk through (pictured laying now but now up)

Not pictured

walk through rope gate

two tier step up

two level bridge

V rails

and hopefully more to come 2020 summer


New siding and painted buildings

We are no longer orange. majority of the buildings have been painted brown or have new brown metal siding.  updated pictures to the website still to come.  So happy with the new color. 


Horse For Sale

Persia - $5,000 OBO

Persia is a sweet, doe faced 9 year old grade bay mare. She is a 17.1 h and gaited . She is registered as a Tennessee walker, but we didn’t get any papers from the previous owners due to the situation.

Unfortunately she didn’t have the best start to life, she was a rescue that had basically been abandoned. Her previous owners taught her aggressive tendencies because she had been abused. She was completely unrideable when we first took her in and has turned into a lovely ride. My daughter spent many months restarting this mare. She is a very sweet horse, but those tendencies still linger if someone doesn’t have experience . You may have to be hard and strict enough with her so that she knows you’re in charge, but still being gentle at the same time. She learns extremely fast, enjoys new things and is very willing to learn. She is absolutely NOT a child’s or beginner horse. She requires an advanced rider with experience. We will be very picky with her new home. We love this horse very much and have spent a lot of time working with her. At the moment she has been put on the back burner, due to time spent with other competition horses. She’s trotting barrels and poles. She’s been introduced over low fences. She’s extremely fast, but she’s a little lazy. She’s very laid back and can be ridden around in her halter bareback. She has a very soft face and is currently ridden in a hackamore. She will stop on a dime with  voice commands and generally you won’t even have to touch the reins. She responds to leg cues but mainly use voice cues and hand gestures like stop, move her on the ground, pick up her feet, go faster etc.. We have done some liberty work with her but never finished. Also her rider must have a very good seat and not pull on her face too much. She may display some Mare-ish tendencies but does not spook. She’s wary around new people trying to interact with her.( sorry gents, she’s a ladies girlie).

We taken her to shows just to get experience and see the sites, she behaves and stands great. She’s very quiet and well behaved on the ground. Persia will load well and travels easily. She’s a in your pocket type of horse despite her size. She is not a hard keeper. She’s also a very good girl for the farrier and is barefoot. She loves her Spa days and stands well for bathing, as she is very spoiled . Persia is sound and UTD on all vaccinations, as well as a full dental work up this past April.  

Asking $6,000 or best offer

If interested in Persia please email the stables with your contact information and it will be passed to the owner.


Saddle For Sale

Mini Horse Saddle - $150

Black miniature horse saddle.

Brand new, used very little. Didn't fit our mini properly.  Our mini is on the larger side. Has mini horse bars. recommend for a mid size mini. very nice tool work. high back. My kids felt very secure in it. If interested please contact