2 paddocks are available.

Horses are kept in a paddock about 80 foot by 80 foot with 12 foot by 12 foot shelter and plastic water tub. 3 to 5 electric horse guard fencing. Horses will be fed with feed provided by owner or CWRS. If owner purchases own feed that exceeds the amount that can fit in room, hay can be stored outside the pen on a pallet and covered with a tarp if owner desires. CWRS feed is all kept inside a building. Paddock is cleaned daily and water tub is cleaned regularly. Owner can provide shavings for stalls or CWRS can for additional cost per bag of shavings. Also included is a 12 foot by 12 foot private tack room/ feed room. Horses are fed using a slow feeder hay bad and given a full nets worth of hay twice a day so they can continuously eat throughout the day. (unless horse eats holes into hay bag, then another style of feeder will be provided and hay schedule adjusted accordingly) Grain can be provide twice a day if desired, hanging grain buckets are provided.  One horse per paddock. If owner has more than one horse we do offer a multiple horse discount. Boarder must have permission to alter or put up any feature or items in barn or tack room Paddock. Tack/feed must be kept clean enough for worker to reach and feed safely. You can park parallel with your Paddock. No trailers between paddocks and no blocking the drive through. Tack room includes two saddle racks with pad holder and bridle hook, 4 hook bridle/halter rack, collapsible blanket bar, shelf with hanger bar, two pallets for hay, one to two metal trash cans for grain with grain scoop, dry erase board for detailed care instructions, and changeable lock. There is a hitching posted between two paddock tack doors that is shared between the two paddocks. Horses can be blanketed at owners request. 



Pasture is full.


Horses have access 150 acres. Horses have access to a 26’x48’ loafing shed and heated automatic waterer 24 hours a day 365 days a year. 80/20 mixed hay is thrown during times when pasture grass is not sufficient for the well being of the animals. CWRS feed is all kept inside a building. Horses are checked on daily. Horses in pasture can be blanketed, grained, supplemented, or exercised/training for additional cost. We have a paddock behind our workshop, west of loafing shed that is for new arrivals or for horses needing to be kept in for farrier, vet, or owners coming out to handle their horses. Just a reminder that if you do not want to go for a walk in the pasture looking for your horse we have no problem keeping them in for you and leaving in this paddock. You just need to let CWRS know the night before by 7pm by email, text, or phone call. When handling your personal horse in the loafing shed area, make sure the main pasture gate is closed and the loose horses are locked out. It is very dangerous to have your horse tied up and lose horses around. Even though we have a lot of nice and beautiful horses in our pasture please do not handle or feed other boarders horses, for your own safety and stable liability. You do not know if they have specific diets, allergies, or behavioral issues. If you are having issues separating your personal horse from the heard let staff know. They are always willing to help. A community tack room is provided. One saddle rack and bridle rack per horse. Please use a reasonable amount of space on shelf. Grains, blankets, supplements will be kept in feed room. Trailer parking is by paddocks along fence line. Car parking is next to arena and restroom.  Do not block the double gates.



Pen is full.


2 to 4 horses are kept in a 2.5 acre pen with a small barn. Barn has 2 fully enclosed stalls and 12 x24 covered area in front of stalls. Stalls have heated automatic waterer and a second heated automatic waterer is in pen area. Pen is horse wire and electric shock fence. Horses are fed twice a day. Private 8'x8' tack room located outside of pen with hitching post. Horses will be fed with feed provided by owner or CWRS.  Owner is welcomed to purchase a large square or round bale to place in pen to allow horses to free feed. A small feed room is located on east side of barn. This is only enclosed covered area to store hay/feed. If owner purchases own feed that exceeds the amount that can fit in room, hay can be stored outside the pen on a pallet and covered with a tarp if owner desires. CWRS feed is all kept inside a building. Owner can provide shavings for stalls or CWRS can for additional cost per bag of shavings. Multiple horse discount cannot be applied to this pen, the price already reflects multiple horse discount. $400 for first two horses, and additional $100 for each additional horse. Minimum of two horse in pen. Pen is dragged regularly and waterers clean regularly. Stalls and shelter cleaned daily. Horse can be blanketed per owner request.  Boarder must have permission to alter or put up any feature or items in barn, feed room, or tack room. Trailer can be parked and left next to pen. Parking is allowed next to pen as long as road way is not blocked. Tack room consist of 6 saddle racks with pad bar and bridle hook, 10 hook bridle/halter wall mount, 8 hook swinging blanket bar, and 3 shelf's. 

Riding Space


120'x200' out door riding arena



Pole bend poles

Ground poles


Groomed/Drug regularly

Centered of Paddocks, Pens and Pasture

Gates on North and South end of arena

Arena next to portable restroom

50' out door round pen

Large grass area  North of arena

Miles of dirt roads

Sandy creak bed

Steep and sloping hills

3 step mounting block



Portable bathroom with wash station

Trailer Parking

Lots of vehicle parking

Bi polar electric horse guard fence

No barbed wire

Barns and tack room lights

Automatic heated waterer

Scratching posts

Raised feeders

Slow feeders

Peace and Quiet




 King's Kreatures is proud to serve the Southern & Eastern Colorado Springs, CO area for everything pet related. Our veterinary clinic and animal hospital is run by Dr. Alyssa King, who is a licensed, experienced Yoder veterinarian. Our team is committed to educating our clients in how to keep your pets healthy year round, with good nutrition and exercise.  King's Kreatures stays on top of the latest advances in veterinarian technology and above all, remembers that all animals and pets need to be treated with loving care in every check-up, procedure, or surgery.

Dr. Alyssa King

   (208) 860-4904




AFA certified farrier Bobby Gregory has 14 years of experience and has been a farrier in Colorado for 7 years, specializing in Sport Horse shoeing.

 Lifelong horseman and AFA certified farrier Bobby Gregory has been a farrier since 2003 when he graduated from Kentucky Horseshoeing School. After graduating, Bobby operated and managed his own farrier practice in Indiana for 4 years, with over 300 horses on his books.

He's been an apprentice to several top sport horse farriers across the U.S., including Mike Wells, Danvers Child and Jason Critton. Now in Colorado, Bobby is managing his own practice with clients all along the Front Range.

Bobby's attention to detail and passion for farriery leaves horse owners feeling confident in his ability to do anything from a basic trim, to a full set of therapeutic shoes. He can read x-rays and is comfortable working with your vet to create a plan to keep your horse as healthy and sound as possible.

Bobby Gregory

(719) 203 0378




Julie Woods has been riding and competing for 20+ years. Julie shows mainly Jumpers, but enjoys all disciplines. She goes to many events from fun shows, gymkhanas, sorting, and CHJA shows. 

Julie offers lesson in western or english and has a couple lesson horses for use.  Her goal is to provide her students with a positive, competitive, and fun environment.  

Julie also does horse training, starting, and exercising. She takes her time and works at the horses pace building confidence while learning new task. Julie's goal is a solid horse and not rushing for results. 

Julie Woods

(719) 761 2433


Under Colorado law, an equine professional is not liable for an injury to or the death of a participant in equine activities from the inherent risks of equine activities. Pursuant to section 13-21-120, Colorado Revised Statutes.